Castrén & Castrén Oy

Attorneys-at-law Castrén & Castrén Oy is a family business established in 1986 by attorneys-at-law Anne Castrén and Juha Castrén. The company is a traditional, well-known and reputable legal adviser especially within the Oulu area and Northern Finland.

Attorneys-at-law Castrén & Castrén Oy has wide and versatile experience and expertise on legal matters related to both private persons and companies. Our attorneys-at-law represent their clients also frequently at courts and assist them in different disputes and criminal cases. We provide efficient and precise service to our clients confidentially. We are under the supervision on the Finnish Bar Association.

Our office is located in the city center of Oulu.

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You can contact our qualified attorneys by filling the form below or come visit us in our office. We handle assignments in Finnish as well as in English.

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Asianajotoimisto Castrén & Castrén Oy

Hallituskatu 13–17 E 54, 4. krs, 90100 Oulu. Avoinna arkisin klo 8–16

p. (08) 571 6600