Privacy Policy

Attorneys-at-law Castrén & Castrén Ltd. is committed to protect their clients’ privacy in accordance with the personal data regulation as in force from time to time. In this privacy policy we describe how we process your personal data.

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Update 20 September 2018

1. We collect such personal data from the client, which is necessary in order to taking care of the assignment. Such personal data include name (or in case the client is a company, the name of the contact person), address, phone number, personal ID and e-mail address. Depending of the nature of the assignment, the client may have provided us with other data, such as data related to his or her state of health. THe client may also have provided us with corresponding personal data of another party related to the assignment, such as opposing party.

2. We process the personal data in order to perform our duties related to the assignment and marketing our services. In addition, we process the personal data in order to fulfill our in law defined duties, such as saving the backups.

3. We process the personal data of our clients based on the client’s acceptance and based on the agreement on the assignment. Should we process the personal data of someone else than our client, the processing is necessary based on the legitimate interest of our client.

4. We store the personal data only as long as is necessary in order to complete the assignment and in order to fulfill our compelling duties. An attorneys-at-law office is obligated to archive the data related to the assignment for ten years after the assignment is completed.

5. We use necessary technical and organisational data protection measures to protect the personal data against any unauthorized access, transfer, elimination or other unauthorized process. Such measures are i.a. using firewalls, encryption techniques, safe equipment, appropriate access control and instructing the personnel. The subcontractors (such as IT support) are duly selected and they are bound by appropriate non-disclosure agreeements.

6. We have drafted a separate description of the assignment register, which is available to you by request.

7. The personal data is collected from the client and the official sources, as well as public databases and sources.

8. The personal data may be processed by any employee of the office, but only ifit is necessary in order to properly perform the duties under the assignment.

9. The personal data is not transferred outside EU/EEC and the personal data is not transferred to any third parties other than – depending on the nature of the assignment – to authorities and oppsing party and other third parties, to which the transfer is necessary in order to properly attend to the assignment. In case we organize our business, the personal data may be transferred to the buyers and their advisors.

10. By request of the data subject, we rectify, erase or complete the personal data, which are erraneous, unnecessary, incomplete or out-of-date. with regard to the purpose of the processing. The data subject may also have the personal data transmitted.

11. We reserve the right to update this privacy policy. The privacy policy is available in our websites and we recommend you to follow the possible changes in our privacy policy.

12. In case of further questions, you may contact our office via e-mail:

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Hallituskatu 13–17 E 54, 4. krs, 90100 Oulu. Avoinna arkisin klo 8–16

p. (08) 571 6600